Alison Naomi Holt is an American fiction writer and screenwriter. She writes in multiple genres including fantasy, mystery, and psychological suspense. Her screenplay, The Door at the Top of the Stairs was a quarter finalist in the Austin Film Festival and a semi finalist in the Cynosure Screenwriting Awards. Read Full Bio

Calling All Reviewers! Cover for Credo's BonesFirst, a rousing Thank You to those of you who have already read the latest in the Alex Wolfe Mysteries, Credo’s Bones. The five-star reviews that have come in are a very welcome sight. As you know, the best way for a book to get noticed is by YOU letting other readers know how much you enjoyed a particular novel. Would you consider letting other readers know by leaving a review? It only takes a moment and is so very important to me as an author.

If you haven’t read Credo’s Bones yet, you can purchase it at Amazon, Or here at iBooks, Barnes and Noble or Kobo.

To Detective Alexandra Wolfe, the human bone sticking out of the potty in the Scotty wasn’t any big deal. She needed to check out a very old bone in a very old camper…what could go wrong? It seemed routine enough, until she found a police badge buried in the camper’s holding tank. When she learned the badge belonged to her sergeant’s partner, who’d been buried with full honors—along with his badge—some seven years earlier, she knew she’d stumbled on a mystery that had been waiting years to be solved. She had some digging to do. She could feel it in her bones.

I’d like to introduce you to Nathaniel Gauthier, a young mage who begins life a little awkwardly, but is destined for great things.

Nathaniel Gauthier, a young, scholastic mage, battles a wraith to protect his king.

He loses, and he dies.

One thousand years later, Prince Amelon and his sorceress princess, Laucwen, discover ancient texts on the art of raising the dead. Their kingdom languishes under brutal occupying forces. Their only hope lies in resurrecting the long dead Jancor, the greatest battle mage ever to walk the shores of Merigor.

Laucwen sends the magical call for Jancor and accidentally summons Nathaniel instead.

He studied transformational magic at the collegium and skipped most of the classes on warfare and battle tactics in favor of translating ancient texts.

He lost his one and only magical duel.

Now Amelon believes him to be a powerful battle mage and looks to him to fight the greatest magical battle Merigor has ever faced.

If you love heroes that come in all shapes and sizes, follow along with Nathaniel as he learns that being a hero means so much more than simply being the biggest and baddest Mage of Merigor. As always, if you’d like to receive updates on upcoming book releases and would like to receive the first book in the Alex Wolfe mystery series completely free of charge, please join me by signing up for my Newsletter

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