Credo’s Fire

Credo’s Fire

eBook: $3.99
Series: The Alex Wolfe Mysteries, Book 3
Genre: Murder Mystery
Tag: Novel
Publisher: Denabi Publishing
Publication Year: 2015
Length: Novel
ISBN: 9781508838302

Detective Alexandra Wolfe expects an easy few hours work when she investigates a barn fire at the Tucson Rillito Racetrack.

Until the dead body shows up...

In the ashes of the barn belonging to her friend, Mafia Don Gianina Angelino.

An Alex Wolfe Mystery with a twist.

About the Book

A playful romp through some bloody messes.

Alexandra Wolfe has been trying to stay out of trouble. Honest! But with budget cuts being what they are, Alex and Casey find themselves putting on a uniform twice a month to help out the officers on the street. The ladies are right in the middle of rescuing an errant emu when their sergeant, Kate Brannigan tells them to meet her at the Rillito Race Track. There’s been a fire in one of the barns and a body has been discovered buried in a shallow grave. The tricky part comes when Alex discovers that the barn belongs to her mafiosa friend, Gianina Angelino. Tightrope walking is one of Alex’s specialties and when she begins digging deeper into the cause of the fire and Gia’s activities, well, let’s just say her balancing act is about to be tested to the limit.

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