Duchess Rising

Duchess Rising

eBook: $3.99
Series: The Seven Realms of Ar'rothi, Book 2
Genre: Fantasy Fiction
Tag: Novel
Publisher: Denabi Publishing
Publication Year: 2015
Length: Novel
ISBN: 9781515163688

For all the women who wanted to be the warrior instead of the Damsel in Distress.

Women warriors, betrayal, and assassination sprinkled with a touch of lesbian romance. 

This fantasy adventure has it all.

For years the Spirit Guides protected their apprentices. Not anymore. The tide of battle has turned.

But who is the enemy? The duchess has two choices-- protect the Spirit Child who fights the Tevaiedin or serve and protect her king.

Duchess Rising is the second book in a powerful and moving fantasy series by award-winning author Alison Naomi Holt that will appeal to fans of Anne McCaffrey and Mercedes Lackey — one that blends the lyrical and mystical with pulse-pounding action.

About the Book

The Black Panther, Denabi–a Spirit Guide from the sixth Realm of Peritia–silently stalked the child who methodically slid forward on her belly. The big Cat scrutinized each of the girl’s movements down to the last twitch of her smallest finger.

Denabi knows there’s little time to train nine-year-old Kaiti to battle the black Tevaiedin. Spirit Guides fall prey to an invisible enemy only Kaiti can see. Somehow, the curse that bound them has failed. Now, they stalk the Guides and stake them out on the pathways between Realms.

Faced with the impossibe, Denabi takes on the most important apprentice ever to walk the shores of Anacafria. A child too terrified to look her in the eye.



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