Spyder’s Kiss

Spyder’s Kiss

eBook: $4.99
Series: The Seven Realms of Ar'rothi, Book 5
Genre: Fantasy Fiction
Tag: Novel
Publisher: Denabi Publishing
Publication Year: 2021
Format: ebook
Length: 173
ASIN: B098N17Q9C
ISBN: 9798498846484

She was born and bred to be a warrior princess. Will she give that up to follow her heart?

Revenge, insanity, romance, this book has it all.

A master of swordplay, military tactics, and stealth movement, Liris can do everything except listen to her heart.

Sent on a mission by Aurelia "Bree" Makena, the Duchess of Danforth, Liris stumbles on three bodies hanging in a peaceful glade. The mission becomes one where she needs all her skills to investigate the murders and stay alive.

Can a woman who guards the duchess somehow become her lover as well? It's what her heart desires, but not what fate has allowed...not yet anyway.

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