Brand New Sapphic Epic Fantasy Series!!


Cover of Ebook Elyon's BladesElyon’s Blades, book one of the New fantasy series, The Daughters of Elyon, is an epic fantasy adventure that takes place in the Cibían Empire.

The story follows the military sect of all-woman warriors who live in the Temple of Elyon, led by their fierce Arch Priestess, Sábria.

As protectors of all women in the empire, the Daughters of Elyon are constantly on the move, rescuing women from dangerous situations and seeking vengeance for those who were not saved in time. They are an unbreakable force, bonded by their shared mission and their devotion to the Goddess Elyon.

Elyon’s Blades is a thrilling F/F epic fantasy adventure that explores themes of loyalty and courage. With its richly imagined world and compelling characters, it is sure to captivate readers who love strong, independent heroines. It is a thrilling start to an exciting new fantasy series that will leave readers eagerly anticipating the next installment.


The Audiobook of The Door at the Top of the Stairs Receives Award!

Audiobook Choice Award Symbol
photo of Christa Lewis narrator
Audiobook Choice Award Symbol

Award-winning narrator, Christa Lewis, and I are proud to announce the Audiobook version of The Door at the Top of the Stairs has received the AudioBook Reviewers Choice Award.

“The narrator, Christa Lewis provides a moving performance with unique voices for each character. She interjects enough fear, anger, nonchalance, and more into the words and characters. She enhances the emotional nuances of characters and situations perfectly. Lewis gives a strong performance that engages the listener fully.

The psychological aspect of this novel and the characters are not just well written but are compelling and mind-blowing. This book is being awarded the Audiobook Reviewers Choice Award as it deserves a higher rating than the standard five-star ranking.”

~Charla –

Spyder’s Kiss is Published

I’m happy to announce that the latest book in the Seven Realms of Ar’rothi fantasy series, Spyder’s kiss is published. It’s available at all your favorite retailers.

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Here’s the recap:

She was born and bred to be a warrior princess. Will she give that up to follow her heart?

Revenge, insanity, romance, this book has it all.

A master of swordplay, military tactics, and stealth movement, Liris can do everything except listen to her heart.

Sent on a mission by Aurelia “Bree” Makena, the Duchess of Danforth, Liris stumbles on three bodies hanging in a peaceful glade. The mission becomes one where she needs all her skills to investigate the murders and stay alive.

Can a woman who guards the duchess somehow become her lover as well? It’s what her heart desires, but not what fate has allowed…not yet anyway.

Traveling and visiting with my readers

Alison and Oriana

I’ve been traveling cross-country with my dog, Maggie. It’s always wonderful to meet new friends and spend time with my readers. One night in Texas, I pulled my camper into a lot behind a barn at a beautiful alpaca/lavender farm north of Dallas. I found Tx-Ture Farms through Harvest Hosts and if you’re ever up that way, I highly recommend stopping by to say hello to the owners and their alpacas. Oriana was a camera hog. but I managed to get into the picture too.

And I had a TON of fun with one of my favorite fans, Larry, and his wife, Janet, who met me at Tx-Ture farms and hung out. He’s been a loyal fan for many years, and we’ve discovered we have the same warped sense of humor. As you can see by the grins, good times were had by all.

My newest book, Spyder’s Kiss, is available for Pre-order now
cover of book Spyder's Web

Revenge, insanity, romance. This book has it all.

A master of swordplay, military tactics, and stealth movement, Liris can do everything except listen to what her heart is whispering to her.

Sent on a mission by Aurelia “Bree” Makena, the Duchess of Danforth, Liris stumbles on three bodies hanging in a peaceful glade. The mission suddenly becomes one where she needs all her skills to investigate the murders and stay alive.

When love is added to the mix, she’s pulled in two different directions. She was born and bred to be a warrior princess. Is she willing to give that up to follow her heart?

Problems with the novel Spyder’s Web

spyder's web

I realize this may come as a shock to many of you, but I’m not perfect. I make mistakes, and apparently, I made a doozy with my last book in my fantasy series, Spyder’s Web.

Somehow, I only uploaded half the book to all of the various places you folks go to buy books. The story stopped right in the middle of chapter eight, and people were left kind of confused.

confused cartoon dog

Can’t blame them there. Anyway, if you were one of the unlucky readers who only got half a book, mea culpa.

By now, you have received or will receive a notice from Amazon instructing you on how to re-download the corrected version of Spyder’s Web.

Alternately, on Amazon, you have the option to use the “Manage Your Content and Devices” page on to receive your book updates.

I’m really sorry for the inconvenience and won’t be too upset if you write to tell me how shocked you are that I’m not always perfect…


My Newest Epic Fantasy, Duchess Rising, is Published and Available for Your Reading Pleasure

As most of you already know, I just published the latest book in the Seven Realms of Ar’rothi series Duchess Rising. I absolutely love writing this series. I’m getting to know each character better and better with each book, and am looking forward to seeing what adventures and romances they get themselves into.

As with most of my series, this one has very strong, kick-ass women characters who, much to the relief of my friend and reader Rob G., aren’t men haters and bashers. I definitely enjoyed getting to know King Leopold in this book. His personality and leadership really began to shine, and his obvious affection for his cousin, Duchess Bree Makena, shows through. His love for his ten-year-old son, Prince Darius, is evident as well.

Speaking of the crown prince, we begin to see how very much he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps, although there are times where learning to be everything to everyone can be a little overwhelming for the young man. And of course, Kaiti, The Spirit Child is learning and adapting to Anacafrian ways while still learning about how she can help the Spirit Guides battle the Tevaiedin.

I also had fun with the healer Becca Solárin and her Shona lover, Nashotah. The two of them are reunited in Duchess Rising, which causes just a little bit of erotica and romance to appear for the first time in any of my books. Hey, what can I say? They hadn’t seen each other for a while, and well….

Anyway, here’s a brief summary of what you can expect when you once again enter the fantasy world of Ar’rothi:

If you love stories about smart, strong, capable women, swords, kings and queens and Spirit Guides, sprinkled with a touch of lesbian romance, this is the book for you. In Book Two of the fantasy series, The Seven Realms of Ar’rothi, Duchess Aurelia (Bree) Makena, first cousin to the king and the former commander of the elite Huntington’s Cavalry, finds herself once more taking up the sword in defense of her king and kingdom.

Stormy clouds of war are moving against Anacafria on two fronts; the Tevaiedin, the dark spirits of the seven realms, and Desdamea, the cruel and grasping queen of the neighboring country of Organdy, are both gathering their forces in a bid to dominate and destroy the kingdom. The Duchess finds her loyalties divided between her adopted daughter, who is the only one who can lead a defense against the Tevaiedin and her king, who needs her skills as a warrior and as one of the commanders of his elite troops.

Duchess Rising is the second book in a powerful and moving fantasy series by Alison Naomi Holt that will appeal to fans of Anne McCAffrey and Mercedes Lackey — one that blends the lyrical and mystical with pulse-pounding action.

Credo’s Fire is Published

Alexandra Wolfe has been trying to stay out of trouble. Honest! But with budget cuts being what they are, Alex and Casey find themselves putting on a uniform twice a month to help out the officers on the street. The ladies are right in the middle of rescuing an errant emu when their sergeant, Kate Brannigan tells them to meet her at the Rillito Race Track. There’s been a fire in one of the barns and a body has been discovered buried in a shallow grave. The tricky part comes when Alex discovers that the barn belongs to her mafiosa friend, Gianina Angelino. Tightrope walking is one of Alex’s specialties and when she begins digging deeper into the cause of the fire and Gia’s activities, well, let’s just say her balancing act is about to be tested to the limit.

Review of Credo’s Hope by Reviews by Molly

Review of Credo's Hope

Clapperboard of review of Credo’s Hope

Holy Cow! Alison Holt ROCKS! This novel, the first in her Alex Wolfe Mystery series is FANTASTIC!

Holt’s writing style is both intriguing and gripping, and leaves the reader with a great sense of satisfaction after finishing this book.

Alex Wolfe. Now THAT is a character, if ever there was one. She is one cop you won’t want to miss! I loved the way she handle her situations, especially once she was kidnapped. Yep. She was kidnapped. And, well, let’s just say that conducting an investigation isn’t always the best thing to do. You can tend to make someone mad….VERY mad. To the point of kidnapping.

Anyway, I loved all the secondary characters as well. Mostly all women, you will fall in love with all the characters as you laugh til you cry at their way of life. Oh, and let’s not forget Alex’s new nurse friend… hunky nurse……who’s bisexual. Yea. Okay. Well, you’ll have to read it for you self to see just how good this bi nurse fits into the story. You’ll be surprised.

So, I highly recommend this novel as 4 Books worthy. You’ll laugh til you cry (just a precaution…do NOT drink anything while reading this novel!), you’ll turn page after page, ready for each new character, each new twist and each new piece to the puzzle. Alex Wolfe is a character to enjoy, and one who I can’t wait to read more about! Fantastic work, Ms. Holt!