Review of Credo’s Hope by Reviews by Molly

Review of Credo's Hope

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Holy Cow! Alison Holt ROCKS! This novel, the first in her Alex Wolfe Mystery series is FANTASTIC!

Holt’s writing style is both intriguing and gripping, and leaves the reader with a great sense of satisfaction after finishing this book.

Alex Wolfe. Now THAT is a character, if ever there was one. She is one cop you won’t want to miss! I loved the way she handle her situations, especially once she was kidnapped. Yep. She was kidnapped. And, well, let’s just say that conducting an investigation isn’t always the best thing to do. You can tend to make someone mad….VERY mad. To the point of kidnapping.

Anyway, I loved all the secondary characters as well. Mostly all women, you will fall in love with all the characters as you laugh til you cry at their way of life. Oh, and let’s not forget Alex’s new nurse friend… hunky nurse……who’s bisexual. Yea. Okay. Well, you’ll have to read it for you self to see just how good this bi nurse fits into the story. You’ll be surprised.

So, I highly recommend this novel as 4 Books worthy. You’ll laugh til you cry (just a precaution…do NOT drink anything while reading this novel!), you’ll turn page after page, ready for each new character, each new twist and each new piece to the puzzle. Alex Wolfe is a character to enjoy, and one who I can’t wait to read more about! Fantastic work, Ms. Holt!