I have asked a lot of cops over the years to tell me what bothers them the most about fictional cops portrayed either on television or within the pages of a book.  I’ve managed to gather a list of quite a few complaints and I thought it would be fun to address them in my blog.  So, today  kicks off the Cops and Writers blog posts.  Each day’s post will be short and sweet…so here goes:

Police Pet Peeve (PPV) #1

A bad guy misses his target when shooting with a shotgun from six feet away.

While it’s always wonderful to see a bad guy miss by miles when they’re shooting at a cop, the sad truth of the matter is, if you aim in the general direction of your target with a shotgun, you’re gonna hit your target and it’s not going to be pretty.

The moral of the story…If your character needs to miss what he’s shooting at, give him/her something besides a shotgun.

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