I’m finally on Instagram!

In addition to the usual social media sites, I’m also on Bookbub and Pinterest. All of them offer insights into my twisted mind and writing, so if you’re so inclined, follow me!



As far as writing goes, I’m currently writing Credo’s Run, the latest book in the Alex Wolfe Mysteries. Alex hunts for a monster who is drugging children as young as eight-years-old. Lucky for her, she has some help from some four-footed friends who discover that police work can be a ton of fun.

I’ve also started a fun challenge of writing a short story each week. So far, they’ve mostly been stories set in the Ar’rothi series. I’m sending them off to various magazines. After they’ve been published in one or more magazines, I intend to put them into a collection so everyone who loves the Ar’rothi characters can meet some interesting people they’ve never met before.