This one comes from a friend of mine who can kick a** with the best of them when necessary.  “I hate it when someone is going to be arrested and a fight breaks out….one super human cop kicks ass on either some guy twice as big as he is, or several guys without anyone’s help…we all know that we always call the troops for help.”

Now granted, this is a big city cop talking where back-up is already on the scene or just minutes away. There are county cops and cops from smaller jurisdictions who don’t have a choice in the matter. Back-up might be thirty minutes away, and that’s if they’re running code three with lights and siren.  But I can guarantee you, if that county mounty’s been in a real fight with a mean, angry bad guy before, he’ll be wishing he had three other cops there to help.

Sure you can have your protagonist take on a big guy twice his or her size. Just make sure the cop either fights dirty to ensure a win (there are no gentlemen’s rules when fighting for your life) or give your police character A LOT of trouble until back-up arrives.

As I said, gentlemen’s rules don’t apply when your life is at stake.  You do what you have to do to survive. One of my friends ended up having to kill a man she ended up wrestling with because he was huge, deranged, and was trying to kill her. Her back-up couldn’t get there in time, and she was devastated that she had to shoot him in order to survive. No good cop enjoys having to really hurt or kill someone, but if it’s them or you, it’s gotta be them.

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