Female detectives wearing revealing shirts and high heels

Well, this one’s pretty self-explanatory.  Can’t run, fight, or in my case, walk in high heels, not to mention the scuff and yuck factor of bloody crime scenes.  And trying to walk through a muddy field without the heels sinking all the way down and getting stuck in the muck?  Forget it.

Revealing shirts?  Hah!  I once had a Sergeant tell me to button up the second button on my uniform shirt because he thought two undone buttons were unprofessional.  And really, if you have any size up there, try running after a bad guy with a low-cut bra on.  Talk about bruised chins… And the lewd comments the women would get from the bad guys defies description.  Nope, female detectives have to dress professionally if they want to be treated like a professional, so if you want the female cops in your murder mystery to be taken seriously, dress them accordingly.bigstock_sexy_police_women_with_handcuf_13190132

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