Ukrainian flagMy heart and prayers go out to the Ukrainian people. If you feel powerless to help such brave, strong people and have even a few dollars to send, there are several charities I like because you can specify where your money goes and they are rated highly with Charity Navigator, a group that monitors and rates charities.

Alison and her 95-year-old dad


On a personal note, yesterday I went hiking in the desert with my 95-year-old Dad and my stepmother. I hope I’m so lucky to have his strength and stamina at 95 and her positive and caring attitude. We had a great time photographing flowers. The desert is beautiful at this time of year and we brought along my horse, Loki, who thoroughly enjoyed my Dad and nuzzled him whenever he got the chance. Spring in Arizona is full of cool weather and if it rained enough over the winter we get an enormous amount of wildflowers dotting the desert in the foothills where we ride and hike. P.S. If you’re wondering, Loki is carrying my Dad’s jacket for him.

It’s also time for me to take my writing outdoors. Some people prefer writing in a single spot, at a desk in their office, or wherever they have their preferred writing space. I prefer to be outside, whether I’m sitting in a stream cooling my toes in the water or on the bank of a lake, or even just outside in my front yard listening to the water rushing over the rocks of my fountain.

I’ve been enjoying writing a short story every week and I’ve found it’s a very freeing experience. I get to explore new genres and meet new characters, many of whom will eventually have their own novels because I enjoy their company so much.

Anyway, I’d love to hear from you. Is it spring where you are yet? What have you been doing with your time? How have you weathered the pandemic? Drop me a line ‘cuz I’d love to know!