Literary R&R The Door at the Top of the Stairs

This was definitely an engaging and well thought-out story.  The characters (Morgan, Ryland and Jesse) were believable and felt real.

There was a part of the story that I wasn’t expecting and that was the lesbianism.  I hesitate to mention this because a lot of people will not read a book if same-sex couples are depicted.  While I may not agree with the same-sex couple lifestyle, I am in no place to judge anyone.  I say that so I can mention that while this story has a same-sex couple as two of the main characters, that does not take away from the effectiveness of this story.

As a matter of fact, I applaud Alison for writing a non-erotic book that includes a same-sex couple.  While there are those of us that may not agree with this lifestyle, I believe that more and more genres of books will include same-sex couples.  This is just the beginning.  I encourage you to not let that cause you to pre-judge a book before you read it.
Main Characters

Morgan – Owner of a farm with horses and hounds.  She is well-respected in the community and is adamant about her employees using respect and manners in every aspect of their life, since they are a representation of her.

Ryland – A former psychologist who lives at the farm with Morgan.  She is also well-respected in the community and is Morgan’s softer side and, sometimes, her sense of reason.

Jesse – A former cop with anger issues that are a result of a traumatic event that she has amnesia about.  She has gotten fired from every farm but Morgan’s.


This book has a few romantic scenes, but is mostly a suspenseful story about a traumatic event in a former cop’s life who receives emotional help from the last two people she ever expected would help her.  It is a touching story about friendship and being able to let go and trust those who really want the best for you.

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